Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quo Vadimus Part III

One more for the road, so to speak.

List #3: Places

So maybe I chuck it all and travel for the rest of the year. Where might I go if I were going to buy the ticket right this second.

1. London (plays, plays, plays, museums and plays)
2. DC (I've been saying I'll spend a day there for years and so far haven't)
3. Paris
4. Greek Isles
5. Toronto
6. Florida (beach)
7. Italy (food)
8. Iona (possibly the only place on earth I'd go to church every day)
9. Swetville Zoo
10. New Orleans


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Sounds like you're kind of busy. Suggest that you take a moment to breathe and go find a spa. Glad the show went so well, savour that. Love to read your post everyday.

    But really, take some time out for just you. Nails, feet, body, mind, whatever. You owe yourself this.

    Or, if you don't go over the top, email me and I'll pay..up to $100. Really. Pay it forward. Email me and I'll send you a check. This has to start somewhere on this blog link thing. Ok, let it start with me and you. SO glad you put on the show.

    If you don't have the email, mrschili and auntie do.

  2. Put the warm places up near the top of the list, and I'll go with you. Why the Swetville Zoo?

    Thanks for the reply to my latest (and obscenely overdue) blog entry. It's nice to be back.

  3. Laurie, that's so generous. I wouldn't feel right taking you up on it but it's an amazing offer. I will do some good stuff for me and I'll report back. I'm actually making time to do some research on a new camera on Thursday and that feels really beautifully decadent. My 90 minute bath on Sunday didn't suck either!

    I saw some photos of Swetville the other day and I really want to go photograph those wacky sculptures! I kept looking at this guy's perfectly nice photos and being frustrated that he hadn't gotten just the angle or crop that I wanted.