Friday, February 08, 2008

Road Trip

Took a trip to NJ in a borrowed car for random mallish shopping a couple of weeks ago. These little guys tagged along. Authentic Audubon memorabilia that they are, they actually make genuine bird noises. But only if you squish their little tummies.


  1. EVERY TIME we go into a card/gift shop (they sell those birds around here in card/gift shops), I have to literally DRAG my children away from the displays. If I'm not mistaken, they each have a singing bird in their animal bin - I like them lined up on the dash like that....

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Little Seal got 6 of them from his first cousin twice removed. All but one of them are birds that live in NY state, and I think all of the bird sounds for those birds were recorded in NY state as well. Gotta get more of the NY state birds - maybe they'll help me (and Little Seal) learn the bird calls, as the defunct singing clock didn't and the CD I have hasn't ...