Friday, February 22, 2008

The Snowy Day (2008)

Since I took today "off" I was more free to enjoy our morning walk so I put on every piece of water and cold proof clothing I owned, put my camera in my pocket and walked until I got a blister from my stupid knock-off second hand boots. Then I walked the 3 blocks home.

There were far too few people shoveling but also people having a lot of fun. There's plenty of snow for sledding and for making snow folk. The pooch was ecstatic. Her whole being amps up a few notches when it starts to snow. Of course she's older now so she may not get up from the couch for the rest of the weekend.
It's turned to rain now and we've had a second walk to visit Alex and a third walk to help get Bobby's YaYas out and were both exhausted. In a good way, though.

All these photos with my little point and shoot. Well, point, press, delay and eventually shoot.


  1. Lovely shots! We got some fresh snow overnight. I'd love to take the dog for a walk.

    BTW, with your head all healed up, are you suffering from any post-surgery ailments? Headaches or whatnot? Just wondering. Random thoughts I suppose. Blame the drugs.

  2. No real ailments so to speak. Mostly I suffer from a fear that I'll always have this indent in my forehead. Sometimes the skin aches a little but rarely and not much, and I wouldn't characterize it as a headache. it's weird to see how my BP affects the coloring of it. I bend over to tie my shoes and all of a sudden it's really pink. Thanks for thinking of me!