Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sound Off Please

Hey, you guys, if you're down in the southern states that had all that terrifying weather please sound off here or on your own blog so we know that you're OK. That looks like some scary stuff.


  1. all are safe for me and my own in oklahoma and arkansas.


  2. Sweet mother, that was some scary shit last night. We were awakened by the insistent sirens at close to 4am. I had to watch the tv, expecting to round up the kids for the trip into the closet at anytime. Once the danger was past, it was very difficult to go back to sleep knowing that people had been killed.

    We are grateful not to have been hit so hard here.

  3. We had a downburst in Westchester a few months ago... it tore the crap out of huge, old trees, knocked down dozens and dozens, made a straight line of destruction. And that wasn't even an F1. (Although Eastview had one of those two years ago).

    I can't even imagine what a real tornado must be like.

  4. There is no explaining what one is really like. I've seen about 3 in my lifetime -- only one up close. When they tell you to get down, and put your head between your knees, you don't even think.

  5. My family's okay (in middle TN). Mom said the winds were so crazy she woke up at 3:15 and took the cat and a few pillows and slept on the bathroom floor.

    I lived through the big tornado that hit Nashville in 1998. Nothing like seeing a huge tree fly by your 5th story window, roots and all!

  6. Anonymous10:18 PM

    We ended up being very lucky... All of the nasty went north of us. Our family slept very soundly through the night.

    I've seen two tornadoes up close and personal in my lifetime... And during the first, I was responsible for the lives of 10 children. That made it extra scary.

  7. You guys are very brave, I'm glad everyone is OK but wow. An off-blog friend who lives in Memphis said that the storms were about 3 miles from her house. She said that sounded close but in a tornado it was far, far away. I find that hard to believe but as long as she was OK that's what's important.