Friday, February 01, 2008

Speaking of the Mighty

Mighty Goods posted a set of wishes a while back. Sort of a cool idea, eh? They seem a bit pricey to me, though gorgeous. If you didn't want to send these monetarily expensive wishes you could probably make some really nice ones inspired by these.

I'm a big wisher, I still wish on eyelashes and chain clasps. Wishing keeps me smiling.


  1. I wish all the time, too. On stars...falling or first...on 11:11 if I see 10:22 if I see it (b-day Oct. 22)...
    I don't know the chain clasp. What's that?

  2. Chrome, it's when you find your chain clasp in the front - you wish something as you slide it around to the back again.

    I wish a lot, too, though I don't feel I have to find occasions to do it. Most of the time, I'm just holding an idea in my mind until I notice that it's a reality. Sometimes, I startle myself....

  3. I haven't thought about eyelash wishes in a long time. I need to consider reconnecting with some of those past magical flower petals and eskimo kisses.