Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank You OEN for the Label

Today is National Singles Awareness Day. I believe that the Overeducated Nympho coined that phrase and damned if she isn't spot on. She's got greeting cards and everything.

I have firmly planted my head in the sand by scheduling a tech rehearsal on this 14th Day of February. I think distraction is the key.

ProfDoc is helping some of her students with a carnation delivery fundraiser today. Boy if that doesn't ever bring back memories. In my school we had those for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Easter, Arbor Day. Really it was the hip fundraiser for many years. And apparently, like skinny jeans, it has come around on the wheel of life. In all the years of sitting through carnation delivery days I got a couple from friends and I'm pretty sure that I never got one from a boy. Didn't stop me from hoping every single class period of every day that some boy would send me a carnation, maybe even deliver it personally and in so doing deliver me from my pedestrian life. (Can you see my hand slung dramatically across my forehead?)

I have since found that flowers don't fix everything.

Well, fuck. Live and learn, eh?

Doesn't mean they aren't an awfully nice perk up on a winter day, though, does it?

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