Saturday, February 16, 2008

Welcome to Kizz Country

Thanks to Liv, Chili said this sloganator was a good way to waste five minutes. Turns out it's also a good way to waste ten!

You just plug a word into the generator, we used our blog names, and then hit the button to get a slogan. And another, and another, and another....

Why Can't Everything Orange Be Kizz?

Make It A Kizz Night (Hee, this is a favorite.)

Just Like Kizz Used To Make (I'm not dead yet, I might still make it!)

Easy, Breezy Beautiful Kizz (Why, thank you.)

Good To The Last Kizz

It's Kizz Time (Technically that's tonight at 8.)

Ding-Dong! Kizz Calling!

Avez-Vous Un Kizz? (Mais oui!)

Aaaaah, Kizz! (It's funny to wonder if this is Aaaaaaah like you're running away from a monster or Aaaaah like the soothing thing it was in the commercial.)

Cleans a Big, Big Kizz For Less Than Half a Crown (I'm not that big. Well, not anymore.)

Shake the Bottle, Wake the Kizz (Don't do that. Kizz needs her rest.)

It's Just For Me and My Kizz (Sounds like I'm talking to myself again.)

Marvin the Mountie Always Gets His Kizz (I certainly hope so! Bring on the Mountie!)

No Kizz, No Comment

Wait Till We Get Our Kizz On You (Dirty. And true.)

Big Chocolate Kizz (Might be true, might not. You'll have to taste me to find out.)

Making Kizz Taste Better (According to the previous one this is entirely unnecessary.)

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Kizz (No need to scream, there's plenty of me to go around.)

Oh Hungry? Oh Kizz.

You Like Kizz. Kizz Likes You. (I do.)

Do You Have the Kizz Inside? (*giggle*)

It's Different in a Kizz (You betcha!)

You Can Really Taste the Kizz! (But only if you buy me dinner first.)

Go On, Get Your Kizz Out.

Don't Be Vague. Ask For Kizz.

Your Kizz, Right Away. (Or as soon as she finishes posting to her blog.)


  1. Snap! Crackle! Chrome!

    When it ABsolutely, Positively Has To Be Chrome Overnight.

    Hope It's Chrome, It's Chrome, We Hope It's Chrome...

    Fun game!
    And a LOT of them sound dirty!

  2. Almost all of them sound dirty to me. It was all I could do not to just comment (Dirty!) next to each one.