Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 Things...

I'm trying to get to work early today so I'll just go with 10 things, no theme just things.

1. I'm going to a lovely local restaurant with Kath tonight to celebrate Restaurant Week. 3 courses for $23.

2. Usually the price for Restaurant Week has something to do with the year (i.e. $20.08) not sure what this week's price is about.

3. I bought half price Cadbury eggs yesterday.

4. Then I ate one.

5. Boy what a bad idea. I love them but damn, they do not do me right. Don't know what makes me think that a big lump of sugar all whipped together would be good for me.

6. I am in love with Ted Mosby after last night episode of How I Met Your Mother.

7. I just started reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

8. I am struggling to still love brunch after all he has to say about the restaurant business. I will prevail, though. If brunch is the training ground for new line cooks then I am happy to help train them.

9. I switched from 3 at a time "unlimited" to 2 at a time "unlimited" with my Netflix though it takes effect next month. Savings of about $5 and perhaps will keep me from overdosing on movies.

10. My queue is still almost 250 discs strong. 243 as of today, to be exact.


  1. DAMN, Girl - that's a lotta movies!

    I love the Cadbury MINI eggs. They're the PERFECT little size, and you don't feel like crap after you eat one. Plus, they come in these cute little egg cartons.

  2. That scene from How I Met Your Mother ranks right up there with the cue card scene from Love Actually. One of the most genuinely sweet and romantic things I have seen on TV in a long time.

  3. How I Met Your Mother's primed for my viewing on our DVR. Hopefully today I'll get caught up.

    I loved Kitchen Confidential, though like you, struggled with the reality of it.

  4. I finally canceled my online movie subscription. I just don't seem to be able to find the time to sit down and watch a movie! I plan to, but then something always happens to screw it up.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I only watch movies I get on cable via on-demand pay-per-view. If they don't have it, I likely won't see it.

    Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to watch sitcoms to be a part of the conversation, but I just can't.

  6. Now you know why we never come to your brunch. Tony ruined it for us.

  7. My dog ate my eggs.
    Horked them right down.
    He seems to have no problem digesting chocolate BTW.
    PS I didn't give them to him. He took them from my purse.
    What does Tony say about the business? I would like to read that book.

  8. Chili, 243 is nothing compared to the 300+ I had when I decided I needed to cut down. I looked for the mini ones but they'd all been snapped up. I didn't think the regular ones looked so big. I was wrong.

    Suze, I KNOW! Usually I love Barney best but that was a turning point and Ted just had me at "Taxi!"

    Seester, I don't have kids. I think that's the secret to my gluttony.

    I was sort of annoyed to read the stuff in Kitchen Confidential (Gert, he tells you the reality of how your food is handled and what you're eating. The OCD in you will not like it) but not actually as turned off as I might be. I mean, yeah, that stuff is kind of gross but I agree with what he said at the end of the chapter about not living in fear.

    Kath, you can't give me that, I've been inviting you to brunch since LONG before this book became common knowledge. :)