Sunday, March 02, 2008

How Old Am I?

Back in the day (the days, really, the many days when I was poor and scrambling and working freelance) it was the norm to work a 12 hour day. If you left the house at noon you weren't coming back before midnight. Hell, if you made it home by midnight on any day it was a light day.

Knowing that, why am I so dull and listless today? Yes, I was out of the house for about 16 hours but for at least 8 of those hours I didn't do anything but sit on a damn bus! What is wrong with me? As Alex pointed out, "the key words are used to." I am definitely out of practice.

It was a good day. I left the house at 6:15am, was on the 7 o clock bus and despite iffy weather I was in Boston by 11 and at the hospital by noon. I visited with Joe, talked to the ladies, got the lay of the land, got Queen Bee out of the hospital building and into a sit down lunch with a glass of wine, recharged the Dunkin' Donuts card so they can have what they need for a new week and got ourselves some Dairy Queen (slurp!). I even learned to ride the T. Very confusing at first. What you have to remember is that the Pilgrims came to Boston and they got some cows and eventually there were cow paths. As the city evolved it basically followed those same cow paths which mostly go in concentric circles. Mostly. The T is designed on the same idea. There you are on an "inbound" train and then all of a sudden the magic fairy hits the train with a wand and it's "outbound". (Yes, I understand that it happens when you pass the center of the city but come on, you're underground, how can you tell?) No slip ups, though, and I charged through South Station with 10 minutes to spare to get on the bus.

Joe is...OK. Not great but OK. He'll heal but there's a lot more going on than anyone thought at first. It was good to talk to him and good to lay eyes on all three Bee sisters if only briefly.

And I was home by 10:15. Very light day.


  1. I don't care what anyone says, travel is stressful. Sitting on a bus for 8 hours is enough to wear anyone out; you'd probably have had a "lighter" day if you'd been up and around for all that time...

    I'm glad the trip was satisfying, and I'm also glad you're home safely.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Riding on a bus and running around Boston is stressful and tiring. Just the unspoken psychological warfare that happens to get a seat on the bus is draining.
    I'm concerned about Joe. It's good you went to visit the ladies and were there for Queen. Sending them and you my best.

  3. Steph, thanks for your concern. I passed Joe's address on to your dad. He can use all the words from home he can get. This is going to be a long haul.