Monday, March 03, 2008

I Can't Tell If He's Pigeon Toed

So, yeah, the photography subjects might be a little mundane while I'm playing with my new gadget. Once I get the bells and whistles figured out I'll probably start taking fewer photos. Except that now that I'm digital wasted film isn't an issue. (Have I said yippee lately?)


  1. I've had pigeons on my mind all morning; I woke to the sounds of mourning doves and am thrilled that they've come back! For the first time in literally weeks, I'm hopeful for the future!

    I, for one, don't mind "mundane." Your environment is pretty different from mine, so your mundane isn't the same mundane that I get. Bring it on, Sistah!

  2. awesome!
    when you click on the photo and see it in full detail, you can see how focused that image is. Really great!

    What fun!

  3. Kitty, what you don't even know from this is that I already cropped this down pretty seriously from the original image. The clarity just makes me tingly all over!

  4. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Don't count on taking fewer pics - I took 100 pictures of a single tree recently! It sure takes a lot longer to look at them all, but it's loads of fun!