Monday, March 31, 2008

In The Shadow Of The Expert

Miflohny is an avid birdwatcher and bird photographer. Last weekend in the park I heard a woodpecker and was actually able to find it. Turns out I was standing right next to it so I thought I'd better try and get a photo for Miflohny. Of 5 shots or so this was the best I could do. You may have to enlarge the photo to be able to tell that the tiny spot of red is Woody's head. Practice, practice, practice.


  1. I DID have to enlarge the shot - but it was worth it! NEAT!

  2. We have a woodpecker who mistakes our chimney for a tree and you would not believe the power of it's beak. It rattles the fire place. Great shot!

  3. Doesn't the brick of the chimney hurt his beak? They are incredibly strong little suckers, though, aren't they? He was louder than a mac truck.

  4. Anonymous9:48 PM

    This was a conundrum - in the first book I looked in, it didn't seem to match any of the woodpeckers. (My birding skills have gotten a bit rusty of late, and there isn't a huge number of birds that I don't have to look up in a book to verify what they are.) But, after looking at a few books, I think it's a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker - it's hard cuz I'm not sure where on its head the red is located, but I think I'm right.

    Sapsuckers are woodpeckers that peck rows of holes in trees then come back after sap has leaked out of the holes and eat the bugs that the sap attracts. Cool, eh?

    Always love a bird picture!

  5. Oh my god if I knew you were going to check my work I would have used a LOT more qualifiers! I'm glad it actually turned out to be SOME kind of woodpecker.

    That whole sap thing is pretty ingenious.