Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Have Contact

Ever since I read this DIY Wednesday post at Design Sponge I've had a hankering for some contact paper. Contact paper figured heavily in my youth. What can I say my parents were teachers and it was the 70s. Contact paper has many uses. I do not have a hankering to "transform" any of my furniture with what I am sure is the new and improved contact paper of the 2000s, especially not anything in a faux wood grain, but I want to do something. Perhaps my old grungy trashcans would look better with some whimsical contact paper. Would it be wrong to contact paper a computer? What about my entire ugly front door?

This is a dangerous itch, I have to scratch it carefully...but soon!


  1. My Aunt Julie was the QUEEN of contact paper. We used to joke that she would contact paper us if we stood still long enough. My favorite thing she used to make me - take an empty can of pringles, add contact paper - instant pen and pencil cup with lid!

    I think a trash can is a great way to start!

  2. How badly are the cats annoying you?

  3. Shelf paper. I am currently shopping for it. Same thing right! I love contact paper. I line all of my shelves. I can't stand the thought of going without it.
    I say GO Sister Go!

  4. Snob, guess what everyone's getting for Christmas now? :)

    JRH, let's just say it's a good thing I don't already have any contact paper on hand.

    Gert, oh, I suppose I could like my shelves too, now couldn't I? :)