Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Am I Now?

It's that time of the month again. A time to check in on goals and habits and routines and see how you're doing. If by you I mean me. As always new(ish) information is in italics.

1. Get regular vocal coaching (see also #14) [For weeks I've been thinking I'd like to be singing more but I haven't been doing anything about it.]
2. Record 2 more tracks for CD (Sometime in 2020 you'll all be getting the finished product for Christmas.)
3. Night Before Christmas for fam (make a book? buy them? convince this guy to illustrate a version and help him publish it?)
4. Continue Floor Barre classes - She has figured out that I can demonstrate both the right and wrong ways to do things. She likes this.
5. Add another hour per week of exercise (3 sessions of 20 minutes each per week) - I honestly don't think this was happening before but I've been doing well for about 3 weeks. 20 minutes isn't that long and I'm using my arm weights so I feel good about it. While still hating the fact of working out. I'm actually doing at least 4 times a week and sometimes more. Damn I want to hit this goal soon and have a freaking piece of pizza.
6. Submit Chekhov or Speed Dating play to 20 places - With Jason & Mark I recorded a "trailer" for this which was silly and fun. Hopefully you'll see this soon. I still need to figure out where to submit plays to. Any ideas? Oh, wait! I submitted it to my dad and his partner for possible inclusion on their festival this summer (so that's one down) and I got an e-mail today that it's been accepted.
7. Book Shakespeare 10 places
8. Go on a date
9. New Year at the steam pipes
10. 2 field trips with Alita
11. Post-Thanksgiving Open House
12. Find director for Chekhov
13. Reading of Chekhov
14. Find new vocal coach
15. Sing live
16. Hang pictures
17. Bathe dog once/buy removable shower head - I am afraid, why am I afraid of doing something I can totally return if it doesn't work?
18. Perform at Boerum Hill nursing home sing along
19. Lobsterbake (June)
20. Complete play for Women's Night (Feb) - DONE
21. Complete non verbal piece for Women's Night (Feb) - DONE
22. Complete admin work for Women's Night (Feb) - DONE
23. Perform Women's Night (Feb 15 & 16) - DONE
24. Polish up 3 short stories - I'm currently working on a short screenplay for Peter Weekly. I should really be doing a short story as well.
25. 20 short story submissions - Again, where do I do this?
26. Go to Met Museum
27. See Rock & Roll - Totally missed this.
28. See Farnsworth Invention - Totally missed this too. I hate that.
29. 3 activist actions that do not include the use of form e-mail (suggestions welcome)
30. See an opera
31. Go to MoMA
32. Go to Frick - DONE in Jan when ChemE came to visit.
33. Fix back-up hard drive - Worrying about this a lot does not count.
34. Install Final Draft (script writing software) - Peter Weekly said he'd help with this.
35. Learn how to use Final Draft
36. Continue Weight Watchers eating plan - Doing OK, seems like it's a habit now and I didn't even go crazy when I was out on Saturday night.
37. Meet goal weight of 125 (shooting for March completion, first weigh in on Monday) - I'm halfway to the goal from where I was last month (1.5lbs as opposed to 3). Feeling pretty good about this.
38. Check in on this list once per month - I like checking in once a month.
39. Re-do work files
40. Keep work files current (part of me hates that I have j.o.b. goals on this list but another part of me thinks it's something that'll smooth my brain out so it's a good thing)
41. Clean out closets - I did some of this over the course of the month. I now don't have to dig through cleaning supplies to get to the emergency stash of TP.
42. Set up home filing system
43. Gyn appointment
44. Dentist appointment
45. Buy scanner
46. Scan family photos
47. Auntie Blanche's birthday (98 on August 23)
48. Trip to beach
49. Post photos to Flickr - I upgraded and I love it. I post more often and thus have more photos in rotation on my Flickr badge on the blog. I don't even think the badge freezes the page anymore (tell me if it does, please). It's all very exciting.
50. Invest 1/2 savings
51. See accountant in person - I'm waiting on a call back from her scheduling person now. Does this give all of you who did your taxes in the first week of February the willies?
52. Re-work investments to maximize return
53. Sort out IRA contribution - God I hate talking to people about money.
54. NaBloPoMo (Nov)
55. Go to Brooklyn Museum
56. Update address book
57. Make Christmas cards
58. Take more photos (practice makes perfect after all) - As you are no doubt aware this is becoming a habit and I am doing this item up with a bow.
59. Learn more about how I'm taking those photos (suggestions welcome) - So far just reading the manual for the new camera is a good challenge in this direction.
60. Read 4 classic/good-for-me books (perhaps from this list Chrome mentioned)
61. Plan 40th birthday celebration for Jan 2009 (trip? party? both?) - Still thinking party in January for the actual birthday but with a trip at some other time during the 2009 calendar year. I know of an apartment in a small town in Italy that I could rent pretty cheaply for a week.
62. Research health insurance providers - Gah, have done a little of this. HATE.
63. Change health insurance providers if appropriate
64. Bring lunch 3 days/week - I don't think I've bought lunch in 2 months.
65. Get photos framed
66. Get contact lenses
67. Make out will
68. Inquire about grave plot
69. Renew passport
70. Submit for print audition (actors access?)
71. Submit for commercial audition
72. Write Aunt Rena once/month - This is going quite well. It helped that Rena's birthday was this month.
73. Write Auntie Blanche once/month - This is also going well, I do the 2 together. I'm going to have to learn a new address for her soon, though, since her home is being closed down.
74. Cook once/week (doing this is integral to being able to do #64) - I continue to resent the time this takes but I still do it.
75. Go to Cyclones game (Kath has said that I can tag along on one of their trips this summer)
76. Take all vacation days - I should probably get cracking on this. I don't think I've even taken all of mine from last year yet. Just checked and no I haven't. I've got 2 left over from last year and the 16 from this one.
77. Make new cookbook pages (this may morph into making another homemade Christmas gift)
78. God's Love for Thanksgiving
79. Solve electric meter problem
80. Write on something significant (short story, play, etc.) 15 minutes/day, 5 days per week - I am totally back on the bandwagon (and totally overusing totally in this entry). I gave myself a deadline for the screenplay, called Peter Weekly and asked him to hold me to it and so I write more like 20 mins at least 5 days a week. It's good.
81. Send Christmas thank you notes - Must finish this. Yikes!
82. Vocal warm-up 5 days/week - Er, what?
83. Physical warm-up 5 days/week - Er, what, what?
84. Pay extra mortgage payment
85. Get facial
86. Record financial outgoings faithfully (see #96 re: Quicken) - Have fallen by the side of the road, drowning in a ditch full of receipts.
87. Get Elvis's ultrasound (May)
88. Complete at least half of the items on this list (I'm so meta) - We shall see...
89. Actually hang up my Christmas wreath properly
90. Change over to those swirly energy saver light bulbs - I've installed a grand total of 1. But it's one more than before.
91. Host Supper Club
92. Host Brunch
93. Get lip biopsied - I have gone for this and it's all ongoing. I owe you guys an update post on the subject.
94. Wear sunscreen every day (this just throws off my whole schedule, I had no idea it would be such a pain in the ass) - Doing it. Anyone know where I can get a cheap, simple, nice bucket hat?
95. 30 minutes per week home improvement (above and beyond my definition of maintenance cleaning) - I did this one week and I'm trying this week. It's really not much. Shouldn't be so hard.
96. Learn how to set up a new "me" in Quicken (Any Quicken experts out there? I took a look at it last night and I don't know if I know how to do it right. And I want to know how to record cash purchases, too.)
97. Go to one participatory music event for the holidays
98. Finish sending out 2007 Holiday cards (I'm 2/3 done!) - And I'm still 2/3 done. Sigh.
99. Re-organize kitchen cabinets
100. Apply creams/lotions/oils/ungents to scar daily - Doing it. According to the bottle I smell like "Motivation" every day. My list might disagree.
101. Get new digital camera - Got it! Love it! Use it every day! Whoopee! DONE
102. Send birthday cards (preferably before the birthday) - So far so good. This month was Rena and Mom.
103. Travel once outside of "event" trips (birthdays, Christmas, lobsterbake etc.) - Pony Express and I are taking a day trip to DC and I'm counting that for this item. It will be in April and I can't wait!
104. Floss thrice weekly - I hate the taste of blood. Which does not mean that I'm doing this, just means I'm good at putting it off.
105. Move Music and Photos to desktop Mac (Any insight on a simple way to do this is also highly appreciated.)
106. Leap more often (as opposed to plan, plot, think, prepare ex. I just decided to produce an evening of work by my female friends and the next day I sent out an e-mail.) - I did this with the DC bus and I almost did it with the MS Walk but have decided not to do the walk, to do my volunteer work elsewhere.
107. Make at least 1 of the books in #60 a non-fiction (maybe the Omnivore's Dilemma, definitely not Fast Food Nation. Probably better if it's not a food book at all. I have enough trouble with food already right now.) - I read Sin & Syntax so this is DONE.
108. Finish this list. DONE!

DONE: 8 (+1 from last month, good thing I bought that camera.)

In Progress: 24 (+24 from last month since I didn't record this category last month. Nothing like faking a huge sense of accomplishment for yourself.)


  1. MAN. I've gotta check my list. I was thinking of it yesterday, as a matter of fact. A client gave me a set of mala beads (think "rosary for Buddhists") and it has 108 beads on it. I made the number connection...

    Do you know that a bunch of names on your blogroll are doubled?

    Oh, I almost forgot - Anyone know where I can get a cheap, simple, nice bucket hat? - Land's End. Check 'em out.


  2. Anonymous10:51 AM


    I envy your ambition. If I were you, though, I'd take a little pressure off by cutting the trip to MoMA. How many Piet Mondrain stripes do ya really gotta see?

  3. Activist Actions--
    look at

  4. Chili, bucket hats are one size fits all, right?

    Hey Rick, good to have you back. Congratulations on your chapbook!I am ashamed to say that Mondrian = modern art to me, even though I know better. What I really want to do is just see the photography exhibit and skip all the rest of that stuff.

    Chrome, thanks for the heads up on Volunteer Match. I had already spent some time poking around there after you rec'd it last weekend. It's very cool.