Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Things Taxes

1. I'm getting money back from the feds.

2. I have to pay the state.

3. I could have sent that payment in on Friday had the postal worker not delivered it to an old lady in the building around the corner.

4. A big thank you to the old lady around the corner for getting her friend/my next door neighbor to bring my tax packet to me.

5. Too bad she delivered it after 9:30 last night.

6. Yes, I had a back up plan.

7. My federal economic stimulus check (should it be in the full amount) will just about cover the state payment and the payment to the state (stupid state). The above is probably not what the government wants me to do with that check. Not very economically stimulating.

8. I'm trying to get out of the house early this morning in the hopes that I can find an accommodating PO.

9. I am following the annual plan of carefully filing all my receipts for the month after getting my taxes done. I give it to perhaps mid-May.

10. How many of you are going to comment that I should have done my taxes earlier? Don't do that. It's not polite.


  1. Hello, Pot! I'm Kettle! Mr. Chili pushed the button to e-file our taxes at about 9:30 last night, so you're not going to get any impolite, holier-than-thou crap from ME!

    It turns out that I have to adjust my withholding for my teaching gig - I was enough to push us into the next highest tax bracket and we almost had to pay this year (as it is, we're getting about 200 bucks back - we love itemizing!).

    If anything ever happens to Mr. Chili, I'm totally hiring an accountant. I've not filed taxes in so long that I'm sure I don't know how anymore.

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Dude, do what you want. At least you didn't have to file an extention like I have had to do in years past!

  3. 1. Me too.
    2. Me too. Stupid state.
    8. Get out of the house early? That's why the PO is open til midnight....which is when I'll be visiting them.
    10. See above.

  4. Man plans. God laughs along with the government on tax day.
    I love this. Clemo is genius.

  5. My stim will be a down payment on two sets of braces. But, really, I should buy a new gadget with it. It's the right thing to do. Maybe a wide-angle lens?

  6. Yes! Wide angle lens!!!!!

    I actually kind of like the PO but I just couldn't justify the time today so I stood behind one clueless guy filing in 18 states at the Auto Posting machine at 8am instead of behind 860000 of same later in the day.