Monday, April 21, 2008

All For A Little Baldsug

I had no idea that Baldsug was reading over here until a whole season of Blackadder showed up from Amazon for me. What a guy, huh? He sees a gap in my knowledge and he sets about to fix it right away.

In honor of Passover and funny (2 things that Baldsug likes) I scrambled to take a picture of this Mitzvah tank on Flatbush Avenue last week. What I'm really sorry I missed was a shot of the little boy eating cookies and staring out the screen window in the side.

If you've never seen a Mitzvah tank before they're huge RVs that play loud (klezmer?) music from speakers on their tops and go around...ok I'm not totally sure. I think they're helping Jewish people to be more observant by suggesting where they can go to services and things like that. Sometimes you'll be walking along and see a whole fleet of them speeding down the avenue, it's very cool.


  1. I saw my first Mitvah Tank (fleet) on Sixth Ave. on Thursday last week. Since I hadn't seen them before, my first thought was that they were full of Rabbis coming to visit the Pope, like the busloads of people traveling to Washington for The Million Man March.
    It made sense in my head at the time.

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I would have LOVED to see the Mitzvah Tank. I just looked it up and was fascinated to read that they've been on the streets of NYC since 1974 functioning, according the source, as synagogues on wheels. The MTs are run by the Chabad Lubavitch - Ultra Orthadox - to bring Torah to the people.

    So cool and very funny.

  3. Yeah, the Lubavitchers are extremely famous round these parts. When their leader passed away a couple of years ago Brooklyn was INSANE