Monday, April 14, 2008

Bana Birthday By Request

The Birthday Doc has requested a subject. We love when that happens. Makes it so much easier to please the honoree.
Eric Bana warns you not to mess with the Birthday Girl or he will put on his enormous, manly bracelets and have a private talk with you. (We acknowledge that this might be an enticement to bad behavior for some but Gladiator Bana made the rules so we leave him to sort out the specifics.)
He wants to see only smiles (example below) from the honoree today. He doesn't care what sort of tactics are required to get them.


  1. Oh, Jesus. That second pic? Holy hell. I'm going to need a minute...

  2. Heh. When you use the nickname "Lancelot" that is the sort of guy that I picture.

  3. I approve this message.