Thursday, April 03, 2008

Behind Door Number Three

Things like this make me want to send you all out on an assignment to find something in your everyday wanderings that you have never seen before.

I have probably shown you a picture of this door and its partner before. The other side of them, that is. The guy whose car lives behind this door is petrified of dogs. He's the kind of terrified that means sometimes he'll slip into the yard behind the door if he sees Emily coming. Still and all I've walked by without her and I've walked by on the other side of the street when he's been backing the car out. How did I miss fact that there's an entire painting on the inside of it?

I don't really get what's going on here in the painting - a series of doors, maybe windows, maybe a row of smaller scenes - but I kind of love it and I really want to see what's behind the door the other door.


  1. It makes me think of aqueducts.

  2. In response to your comment left on the "My Generation" post on my blog....I wasn't surprised at all at the fact that the teacher confiscated the girl's phone; I was surprised, and even more disgusted at the fact that when her phone was confiscated she started to break into tears as she begged for it back. The point of the story is that the girl was so attached to her cell phone that she embarrassed herself in front of the class in an attempt to get it back. Pretty pathetic, huh?