Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Close The Heck Up

I'm not feeling the 10 Things Tuesday inspiration today. You know what I sometimes like to do when I'm not feeling something? I do it anyway. I'm from New England, it's sort of how we roll. When you're done you're either finally feeling it or at least your done.

Yeah, it's not a perfect system.

I'm also not feeling these photos because I accidentally uploaded them uncentered and they're weird but I'm not going to go back and redo it so I think it goes with my non-theme.

Just 10 Things on a Tuesday

1. Embiggen that photo of Elvis cleaning himself to check out the damage he's done to his legs. What the camera can't capture are the scabs and bumps from the constant licking and biting. I am trying everything and we've yet to hit the magic combo.

2. If you're every ready to try anything holistic to help a pet go to this place and talk to Phil. Phil is nuts in an awesome way.

3. For the past couple of days it's looked really nice out but been sort of chilly. I hate it when the weather does an Eddie Murphy routine on you. (Wanna lick? Psyche!)

4. Oh, this is important and I keep forgetting to say it. Yes, Auntie and Chili and whoever else, you can absolutely get the ProfDoc treatment for your birthday but you must give me direction and you must be willing to sacrifice. Keep in mind that she got that treatment because she STILL hasn't received a tangible gift for her birthday that was a week ago and that she and I have a friendship built on a firm foundation of pop culture. We talk about who we find hot in a celeb context nearly every day and we've known each other about a decade so I had a lot to work with. For instance Auntie, I only know Tina Cervasio and I don't think I can do a whole day on her, as attractive and intriguing as she is, so give me a few more ideas or even a general "type" (Audio Girl for instance would get a whole day of dark-skinned, dark-haired beauties) to work with. I am more than happy to accommodate specific requests.

5. I found my birthday book last night (A 1996 Vermont day planner with everyone's birthdays in it.) and have entered everyone's birthdays into my calendar which I now know how to sync with my iPod (whoopee!). Well, everyone with whose birthday I was familiar as of 1999 at least. If you came on the scene after that you might be better off updating me. Now I've found the book I can update it when you do.

6. I'm only on six. This could be because I'm not doing much lately.

7. This weight maintenance thing is hard. At least as hard as advertised.

8. I'm getting a kick out of filling in all the squares for daily essentials like water and dairy and veggies, though. Yesterday I got the smiley face for eating enough fruits and veggies. I am awesome.

9. I finished my book on the way to work this morning. It turns out that Virginia Woolf is kind of freaking awesome. I need to rent the movie version of Orlando ASAP.

10. I downgraded my Netflix membership (2 @ a time unlimited instead of 3 @ a time) and it took effect today. I am finding this traumatic. My queue is down to 229 discs, though.


  1. Tell me why the maintenance plan is hard.

    Also, I love that you did TTT anyway. I totally phoned mine in; I'm busy and distracted and my heart's not in it, either, but it's done for another week. I'll get my joy back for next Tuesday.

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM


  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    ok, here I am. Sorry about the test. Anyway, If you remember, I did a post along the lines of hot people/secret girlfriends. What I REALLY, REALLY, love is a hot voice... That is #1 followed very closely by hands then necks... May 2nd, btw.
    And yes, you are awesome!

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Orlando the MOVIE is sublime. It's been years since I saw it and now that I have opened the mental box with the salient features of that movie, I need to see it again. I look forward to your thoughts on it.

  5. Chili, well, it's something new so, you know new is hard. Also it means really looking at everything that's going into my mouth again, makes it really hard to be easy going about it. Also, also I celebrated a little too much and I'm above 125 again so I'm on a tightrope trying to get back to that and to stick to it. I thought I'd get more than one extra point and... so it's basically just mental.

    Auntie, point me toward the post again as a cheat sheet? Also, I already knew that, 'cause I found my birthday book and you were in it.

    O Mama, I've seen the movie and loved it like nothing else, which is why I read the book. If you know the movie I suggest you read the book before rewatching. Much awesomeness.

  6. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Here is the link...

    I should have a birthday book. I suck at birthdays.