Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Do Not Bend, Fold or Crumple

This is the bag that I looked at with Pony Express a couple of weeks ago. It's the 4 Million Dollar Home. I thought I could have done with the 2 or the 3 million and I could get by but they're really for smaller cameras. Mine will work but not if I bring an extra lens at any point. This one is as big as I want to go, really, for walking around the world taking photos. I don't want to be hauling (any more of) my life around on my back if I can stop myself.

I can hear you asking, "So, were they out? Why didn't you buy one?" It's $60 before tax is why and I wasn't quite ready to commit. I think I am now. I have no idea which colors to get either. I am in a serious no spend mode and every dollar is kind of freaking me out.


  1. Just get it! Or, I'll buy it for you as the down payment on our sitting fee. I like the brownn or the black (even though I wanted to like the blue).

  2. It's a great bag, and you're going to get WAY more than $60 worth of joy from it.

    I can't offer you any suggestions on the colors; I'm a boring-neutral kind of girl - I want my stuff to go with EVERYTHING - but, by the same token, I always admire people's BRIGHTLY colored accessories, so I'm not one to give advice on this sort of thing.

  3. Don't go out and buy it right now, I'm still mulling colors. But thanks for the offer. I think I will get it I'm just in a fearful money place right now (me and the rest of the nation) so I'm not ready to pull the trigger.