Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh The Face

What I said: Hey, could you please pass me my purple sweatshirt?

His thoughtchoosaid: Hey, could you please pass me my pitbull sweatshirt?

Yes, I'm a modern-day, urban, extremely casual Cruella DeVille. I like all the warmth and cuddliness of a dog without any of the mess and fuss.

*Don't worry, this sweet girl is well cared for by one of the local dog walkers. He doesn't seem to let her come inside Who's Your Doggy, though. She was just waiting for him to return (in full view of the store's window).


  1. I love misheard stuff.

    The other day, O'Mama's 13 year old daughter came up to her and we both heard "Mom, answer back more."


    So she said it again. "Answer back more."

    It took a while to get that she was telling her mother that the ANTS were back, and there are more of them.

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    When I was a teenager, old enough to be able to take messages, and be able to ask someone to spell their name, but apparently off in la-la land and it didn't occur to me to ask, I took a phone message for my dad that someone named Wild Reed, or something like that, called. I asked him to repeat his name at least 3 times, because I knew he wasn't getting it right. I wanted to ask again, but was too embarrassed to ask again. Luckily my dad figured out it was Lyle Green.