Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Only Fooling Myself

The young man in the center is part of the team that has been smashing and reglazing windows in the bank directly below my bedroom for that last two Sunday mornings. After cursing them to the ends of the earth I got up and walked the dog. On the way back in Young Master Glazer tapped his counterpart on the inside of the window and I heard, "...German Shepherd and a fox..." For a second I was flattered but then I thought it through and you have to figure he meant, "What a cool looking mixed breed dog" not "look at that dog being walked by the hot chick."


  1. WHY can't we assume the best when something like that happens. Take Emmie out again this weekend and see if you get some attention...

  2. I think you should just assume you're the fox. Better that way.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I would be weird to talk about your dog as a fox, so it HAS to be you.

  4. A. I'm in construction and I guarantee he meant you. Ain't no construction worker stopping what he's doing to point out just a dog.
    B. I kind of want to punch you.

  5. You guys are all too kind (I'm even counting the punching thing as sort of flattering). What you can't see here is that the kid is about 14 and I was wearing sweats, crocs, a ball cap and a winter coat so there's a strong possibility that he was talking about the dog. But a girl can always dream.

  6. Are you kidding me with this????
    14 year old hormones????
    Even more proof that he was talking about you!!!!