Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pretty Pretty Death

For years I kept getting sick in the spring. I hated getting through flu season and then getting nabbed with a late season bout of it. It happened every year, no matter what I did.

People suggested that I had allergies but I'd never had them so how could this be possible? I mentioned this to my dad.

Apparently dad has had tree allergies since he was in his thirties. Some years they're so bad he has to sleep sitting up.

For weeks I've been taking pictures of all the beautiful bud on the trees and admiring them while I try to shake this ongoing low level cold.

I finally realized the other day that it's not a cold at all, these pictures are of pretty, pretty death.


  1. Oh, HEY! LOOK at what you've got growing! I'm jealous - we've not quite got such obvious signs that winter's stranglehold is loosening.

    I'm sorry about the pretty death. Talk to your doctor - they've come a long way in allergy-combat in the last few years...

  2. Green Tea! Drink lots.

    I NEVER had any allergy problems until after I turned 40.

  3. I am taking allergy meds. They have limited efficacy given some other constraints for me but they do help.

    Can I get decaf green tea? I don't drink caffeine so I usually stay away from green tea since I thought you could only get it (or at least get the healing properties out of it) if fully caffeinated.

  4. You can get it decaf, but I am not sure if it retains all its good properties. I had some SERIOUSLY bad allergy problems a while ago. Green tea was one of my therapies recommended by a naturopath. (The traditional allergy meds were not helping me.) There may be other variations, perhaps white tea?

  5. Oh. And local honey can help desensitize you to the local pollen.

  6. Anonymous7:30 PM

    How many years has this been going on? Sorry dude.

  7. Anonymous10:17 PM

    For years my Mom blamed all her allergies on my brother and me, as in, "I never had allergies until you two were born," as if we sucked all the resistance to pollen, etc., out of her. When in reality, the early 20s is a prime time for people to develop allergies. Unfortunately, you can get them later too. Sorry.

    (I also, for a number of years, had a cough for long stretches of time. I never remembered if it happened at the same time of year or not, so I don't know whether it was an allergy to something blooming or not, but it probably was an allergy, as apparently allergies can manifest as dry coughs. My mom had never heard anyone cough like that, so she thought I was faking it ...)

  8. I am now obsessed with the idea of getting hold of local honey. I wonder if it has to be made in NYC or if I could get by with NYS honey which is plentiful.