Friday, April 11, 2008

Safety Dance

One of the first things I was taught when I was being trained to be a stage manager was to keep my notebook on the show constantly up to date "in case [I got] hit by a bus." We tossed that possibility around casually and I use the phrase to this day to describe things I do just in case.

Lately, you may remember, there's been some excitement here in New York over a Crane. The last 2 weeks have been all about airplane safety and crash prevention. So as I was walking around the Village last weekend I saw this crane (at left) balanced atop a half done over priced condo complex and hanging out over the very busy expanse of Third Avenue.

You know, we imperil ourselves every day. It's true, we could get hit by a bus or hit a patch of black ice or have an aneurysm or whatever. Sometimes we try to keep ourselves safe by walking on the other side of the street or having regular check ups or insisting we fly on certain types of aircraft. The truth is, though, there ain't nothing we can do.

What's the most dangerous thing you're going to do today? Are you thinking twice about it now?

I'm going to ride a subway underground for a really long time then walk under some scaffolding to get to my dance class. The underground stuff I'm just going to try really hard not to think about but I'm not even close to rethinking the plan.


  1. The most dangerous thing I'm likely to do today is to drive in my car. Of course, I could pop a vessel in yoga class, but then again, I could drop dead before I finish typing this.

    If we thought about how we're CONSTANTLY on the knife's edge - about how incredibly fragile we really are - we'd never actually get around to living.

  2. I have a tendency to think about bad stuff more than the next guy. I know this and do try to make a conscience effort to be better. It's funny how the things that should scare us don't and vice versa.

    Be careful underground today. I think of you anytime NYC is in the news....which is, you know, all the time! :-)

  3. I already safely made the underground trip once today. I'll probably get some lunch from an unsanitary-rodent infested deli. I'm in the office today instead of onsite, so no major construction accidents are anticipated. I was thinking about the boxing class at the gym tonight.
    But I think the most dangerous thing I'll do is my volunteer work, in which a crazy little old lady will pound on my psyche for about an hour about how she expected to hear from me before today.

  4. "In case I get hit by a bus," I use that phrase all the time. My sister always hugs my mom before she walks out the door. "I love you just in case." "In case,What?" mom replies. "You know, in case I get hit by a bus."

    I say it to my students all the time, too. "Yes, I AM teaching that class next semester, unless, of course, I get hit by a bus, or something."

    It's really the falling pianos I worry about, however.

  5. I am moving my couch to the other side of the living room shortly. Considering my back, this is risky, but I feel like a change and I'm going to take little walk on the wild side.

  6. I am going to work in a bar.
    I won't get first crack at a cigerette all night or seconds or thirds...
    Second hand smoke is a killer.

  7. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I let my client take my steri-strips off today. She did great so I'm still kickin! That's about all I got..

  8. I love that you used black ice as an example... When I was in high school my Dad used to tell me "watch out for black ice", every morning (in the winter) that I drove to school. It's now code for "be safe" regardless of when, why, or where.

  9. Anonymous1:07 AM

    And the underground part of the trip is Brooklyn>Manhattan. So you're not only underground but you have millions of gallons of water above you, just waiting to burst into the subway tunnel and flood it within a matter of nanoseconds.

  10. Anonymous7:46 AM

    The most dangerous thing I do every day is trust the food supply, car driving is next.

  11. Chili, yeah, that was kind of the point I'm trying to make. I'm a worrier but I think I'm balancing OK given that I do some things regularly which are pretty dangerous.

    Snob, thanks for thinking of me. You know you'll hear if I'm part of whatever horror is in progress.

    Oh Chrome, your volunteer work is such a good thing. Hope you survived the berating.

    True enough, Seester, those pianos are a bitch.

    Mrs G., hows' the back? And how do you like the living room?

    Gert, you're not kidding! Can you work without breathing?

    Hey Auntie, I saw the pictures, it looked like it turned out OK.

    Oh, that's so cute JRH. Your dad is a champion worrier.

    Thanks so much MAB. Exactly the part I was trying not to think about.