Monday, April 21, 2008

Sock It To Me

There is a pick up game of soccer in the park near my house almost every day. As you can see it draws quite the crowd of spectators. Do you like the new police scooters the city gave our precinct? I think it's to make up for the fact that they've tasked the majority of the officers to the mall instead of, you know, everywhere else where the actual crime is.
I say almost because this Sunday the cricketers got to the field before the soccer players. You should have seen the bewildered soccer players standing on the edge of the pitch wondering what to do. I've always wanted to take action shots of sports and I'm really lucky to have so many free options just waiting down the block for me.

Yeah, I got nothing much else tonight. Still filled with rage. Still deciding what to do about it. Working on posting the nearly 200 photos I took in DC! Stay tuned, there'll either be pretty pictures or a great story about how hard I punched someone. Hey, maybe both!

Happy Monday y'all.


  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    They have serious cricket leagues in Newark and I am meaning to get out there some time. DC I stay away from when I can. Hope to hear more.

  2. It's getting to the point where folks are coming out to play again around here, too. Not cricket, though...

    I, too, am filled with rage, and I'm trying to figure out a way to write about it in a way that honors the person at whom my rage is directed. I may have to write a guest post somewhere that I suspect she doesn't read....

    Remember I'm here if you want/need to vent via email.

    love you

  3. Good luck with the rage. It sucks, huh? Sigh.