Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Are Your Legs? Springs!

This is the pooch all hyped up on adrenaline. She still insists on stalking other dogs and pretending she's hiding in the tall grass waiting to spring on them. I wish I knew how to stop it. But, these are just funny pictures to look at while I ask a question.
If, for instance, hypothetically, I were planning to donate one of my photographs (printed and matted suitably for framing) to a silent auction for my beloved BAX, would that seem like a half decent idea to you? Would people bid on something I'd snapped? Follow up question: Which one? (Please, I beg you, browse the Flickr stream a bit and throw out some options if you think this is a good idea.)

You could donate something to the silent auction, too, if you're so inclined (kids' party entertainment, art, craft, extra limb...). Ask me how.


  1. You can take the dog out of the savanna....

    Instinct is a mighty powerful thing...

  2. I love the way they lurch down like this. Makes me miss the wolf dog.
    Such sexy legs!
    That should be the picture title...Hot Legs!

  3. OH P.S. I like so many of your photos but have more than once requested the Ferry photo with all of the green.
    You Lady Liberty is stunning.
    When I have some time I will go to Flicker and let you know!
    You have a wonderful eye so any would do.

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Here are my suggestions of which pictures I like best and / or I think are most bidable:

    swirly girls
    2, 2, 2 kinds of cake
    random cat
    max pleads

    Whether things get bidded on will depends on who shows up and what they are looking for and what their tastes are, but if for some odd reason no one goes home with your pic, then you have something to hang on your wall at the end of the day!

  5. Thank you for the suggestions, I'm going to look at these and see what I think. The silent auction is online with e-mail bids so I won't even have to print it until someone wins I don't think. I'll just have to figure out what to call the opening bid. Thoughts?