Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Wonderful Time Was Had By All

Remember how, when last we spoke, I was sitting on a bench outside of a bar sneaking pictures of unsuspecting passersby? Well, a short time later the unsuspecting birthday girl approached my ambush point. As you can tell, wherever she goes, she brings the party with her.
Fort Greene Power Couple. They move, they shake, they make things happen. Trust me when I say that you want to be in their orbit.
I would like to blame the photos I took in the bar on my lack of facility with the camera. While that played a part in the issue I would be remiss if I didn't mention that, without ever realizing it, I ended up drinking 3 vodkas over which someone had gingerly waved a lightly squeezed cranberry. Frank's is all about the bang for your buck. They are not, however, all about the viewable photos. You'll have to take my word for it that Amy looked lovely.

We moved on. We had to. We needed protein and starch and light! (See how those things haven't entirely corrected my photography problem? Let's just say it was a good party.) (Oh, and let's also say that this is a picture of Baly and I hate that it's not clearer since she was an awesome unsuspecting portraiture subject.)

Mere minutes before our change of venue Kath leaned over to me and spoke a sentence that had the following words in it: go, smoke, joint. This led to a foolishly long conversation where I talked about how I'd only inhaled three times in my life (true story, actually) and whereas I thought it was all fine for other people it just wasn't for me, I'm not good at it, blah, blah, blah, fishcakes.

By the way, the restaurant across the street from the bar is a BBQ place called The Smoke Joint. Poor girl wanted some food and I was giving her my damn life story!

Fortunately she forgave me and with the help of my new best friend, Chris, the manager of The Smoke Joint, we ended up with their auxiliary dining room all to ourselves, delicious food and free dessert. If I'd been a little drunker (I did say, "Chris, we have a birthday girl here and she needs protein, STAT!" so I was not at my smoothest.) I might have kissed him on the mouth. You know, if I could have taken time out from shoving things into my pie hole. (Actually it was a brownie he gave us but...brownie hole just doesn't sound right.)

The birthday girl was the picture of propriety and I think I wouldn't be out of line to speak for everyone and say we had a glorious time from start to finish. I think we should celebrate her birthday every week! This week I'm getting the mac and cheese!


  1. I really don't remember the conversation about the Smoke Joint. Really. Ah, alcohol!

    Thanks for celebrating and the pix and the lovely post.

  2. Ha ha! I did what now?
    Did I say something about shoes?

  3. Go. Smoke. Joint.

    Aaaah! That cracks me up. :) Silly drunk girl.

  4. Hey Kizz, just delurking to say hi, and that that is a beatiful picture of Kath!

    hope you're well!

  5. Oh Kath, at some point I'll have to tell you the other 3 things we talked about. We were very chatty by the time BBQ came into the picture.

    Baly, sadly by that point in the evening I could only concentrate on one thing at a time. Since I got a picture I, unfortunately, have no clue what you were saying. It looks like something cheerful and engaging and funny, though, don't you think?

    Thank you Allegra, I was really happy with that one. She looked lovely as usual and I finally captured it after a wobbly night of trying.