Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Flickry Things Tuesday

1. Check out Laertes' cool pics of a trip to India. (Warning: There is one in there of big snakes but the rest are very cool so just be careful.)
2. Steph did a bit of a birthday tour of NYC.
3. Lester took some sweet shots of baby Lorry.
4. While you're over there check out Kath's recent posts and pictures about her trip to the Azores.
5. Pamie's kind of flickring/blogging (flogging? blickring?) from her office and it's fascinating.
6. M. Kennedy's bulldogs remain some of the most fun photo viewing on Flickr.
7. Heather makes this perplexing/mesmerizing composites.
8. It's a tiny bit odd but simultaneously kind of nice that we get real time announcements via the internet, isn't it?
9. Some of Photoreciprocity's photos have been reported to the Flickr powers as being "offensive" which is, I don't know, irksome? I'd go with arty.
10. Watch this space for the many, many photos I've taken over the past week. Have to do some editing first, though.

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