Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Like This Stuff Writes Itself

OK, actually it's like other people are writing it all for me. Posts relevant to my thoughts on sustainability have been leaping into my path and begging for my attention for weeks now. I couldn't possibly write a full post about each of them but I would love for you to check them out. Pick and choose as you like or read them all, they are each intriguing and important.

Oddly I'm going to start with one that sort of refutes all my foot stomping. Snickollet writes about the decision that she and her husband made to have children even though they knew he was dying and that his death would be sooner rather than later.

This Curbed post addresses the consumer level of sustainability. It links to an article about using your money locally to support the people close to you.

Julia wrote a post I've been waiting to read for a long time now. Quick and highly inadequate back story is that after much difficulty she and her husband had their completely awesome son, Patrick. They decided they wanted another child and proceeded through, I believe, 12 miscarriages to the recent pregnancy that resulted in newish babies, Caroline and Edward. Now go read the post about why they went through all that.

Our beloved M. Kennedy sort of accidentally wrote about her reasons for spaying and neutering all pets. I've never heard it put quite this way before and I don't know why because it makes complete sense. Also, as I've said before, Christ on a slab of bruschetta those dogs are cute!

Soon after the horrible earthquake in China Grace wrote about starting by saving oneself. Hers was the only post about the earthquake that I read. It really freaked me out on a lot of levels and she always writes very well about this sort of thing.

Last but not least for today is Katie. You remember Katie. She writes about what's happening to the kids from the polygamist compound now that the compound has been broken up. That whole situation makes my head spin. I believe that, as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a kid but these kids had a village only it's highly possible that their village was causing them harm so what the hell?!!?! The larger village is going to have to cowboy up in a really big way.

I'm sure there will be more. The internet is generous like that. For my part I helped out some people in odd ways, fired up Auntie Blanche's community when she was in trouble (more info forthcoming) and spent an afternoon in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with Alita and her mom (photos forthcoming). Still working on it, one step at a time.


  1. I liked M Kennedy's post... I went on a spay-neuter/you don't BUY pets rampage in one of my classes yesterday. I actually had one of my wise beyond his years 9th graders tell me that one SHOULD buy from pet stores because the living conditions are much worse there... apparently the concept of supply and demand is not being covered in our curriculum.

  2. Many thanks for your kindness in mentioning and linking to my post. I'm glad I was helpful to you. Certainly, writing that entry was helpful to me, as I tend to throw all my energies into some disaster far away, rather than keeping perspective on the task in front of me.

    Many blessings,
    Santa Cruz, CA