Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magenta By Request

ProfDoc requested a picture of my new dress. I can't seem to choose just one.

Here it is with all my weather appropriate accoutrements (dog tail optional).
Yeah, when you take pictures at my house things happen. Dogs investigate your hand, clutter is everywhere and I don't bother to clean it up...
OK enlarge this picture and tell me the truth, the divot is obvious. Sure you may not notice it first thing but it's a thing no matter how you slice it, it's undeniable. Don't try to bullshit me.
Somehow I became intent on walking you through all the permutations of my outfit throughout the day. This is what I wore inside the office today. While wolfing down free food. So much free food. You could roll me off the couch and into my bed.
Aaaaaand now with oddly stilted shoulder posing.
I'm cool, I'm casual, I still have freaky model arm going on. Also I'm making the dress all askew with that shit. I think it might be a consequence of vigorous in sucking of the gut.
Sometimes I don't aim well. My dog is super cute, though, don't you think? Is she cute enough to distract you from the way I apply my makeup in the mirror above a computer in the living room? I thought not.
I'm gonna call this the most accurate representation of the dress. Do you like it? I bought it because it makes me feel all "Lorelei Gilmore wants to be you!" I hope it's closer to that than to, "Ma'am, don't make us enforce the age limit on magenta again."
Now with snooty nose and focus on the knee and just one of my dog's highly attentive eyes. Please don't be intimidated by my talent.


  1. I love the dress!

  2. You could have passed this off as a Hot People post. LG would be proud.

  3. That is a LOVELY dress! And I say, "EMBRACE your divot!"

    The puppy, she is cute!!

  4. You are SOOOOOOOO Stars Hollow. Verra nice. I want that dress and those boots! Good stuff sis. The divot is healing nicely. You are skinny minnie delicious. All is looking really good.

  5. Very Gilmore. I love the under the boob waist in that dress.
    Rock it girlie!

  6. That dress is doing all the right things for you. :)