Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Perfect Hair

My hair stylist says I have the perfect hair for this cut.
I actually have the perfect body part for something that looks great on Katie Holmes and on me. This sort of thing never happens.
My hair is thin and fine and intensely cowlicky. Observe one of my many forehead cowlicks trying to break free below.
My stylist was amazing as usual and told me not to worry about the color and listened to all the concerns I had about hats and sun and scars and color maintenance. (Wow look how dirty my mirror is. Oops.)
Behold a blurry shot where I look like my mother's clone. OK, stop looking at that and check out my pretty new shirt.
She, the stylist not my mother, gave me simple instruction about how to treat it (I need to buy a flatiron, I've never had one) and how to blow it dry and even what to make sure of when I'm putting on my hats. I did bring her a Starbucks card which she loved but she gives me all the rest of that stuff even when I don't bring presents.
That's why I keep going back to her.



    Great cut. Amazing. I love it all of it. profile. perimiter. all of it.

    flat irons are tricky. chi is the perferred brand around these parts. do some checking I can get you one at cost and send it. if you get a crappy one, it'll do more damage. Ask what she thinks and get with me!



  2. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I agree - I LOVE that cut. I've been thinking about getting that cut but I've been too scared. My face is full and that style would do nothing to counteract that, but I want to say "screw it" and do it anyway! I have baby fine hair also and, as you know, there is only so much you can do with it.

    What do you have to use the flat iron on? What does it look like if you don't use one?

  3. Girl, you are GORGEOUS! I LOOOOOVE the cut! I hope it doesn't turn out to be too fussy, but even if it is a little fussy, it's worth it!!

  4. Zelda, how much is the kind you recommend? I trust you!

    Julia, this is how it looks without the flatiron as done by the stylist. She says that the flat iron will be a less fussy way to deal for me than blowing it out. And having blown it out this morning I agree.

    Chili, at its fussiest (blow dry not flatiron) it's no fussier than my hair was before which is awesome. Plus the awesome lady gives free bang trims so i can go in for a check up if I need to. It's winny win win win!

    Thanks you guys, I'm glad you love it.

  5. here's the deal. even anti-christ oprah doesn't roll out of bed with THOSE curls. there is some work involved in ANY of these i-just-rolledout-of-bed-and-look-fabulous-haircuts . true story. Just a little work. Five extra minutes. It's WORTH IT to have a little style, eh?

    The ones I'm talking are prof. and here they are 100.00 guaranteed for a year. Now, I go thru them about every two years but I use mine every day all day 5 days a week. you wont use that much.

  6. I have my fabulous blow dryer that Zelda got for me. It blows.
    And that has completely changed my world forever!
    I also have a few nice round brushes in all shapes and sizes.
    I don't know the texture of your hair... mine is half curly, half straight... sometimes frizzy... but I use a bit of product and a blowing dryer with Superpower and bada bing! Hair bliss.
    I don't own a flat iron.
    I don't have anything against them. I just use the blow dryer.. stuck in the 80's I suppose.
    Your hair looks great. Its my length but I don't have the nice bangs. Its easy and simple and beautiful cover girl.

  7. I love it! I always try to cut my hair shorter, but then it escapes from the sides of my head, no matter what I do. You have hair like my daughter's and she is getting her's cut next week. She told me she wants it to be like the little girl's in the move Bridge to Terabithia.

  8. Wow I love it! You sexy thing!

    Bangs are a bitch to keep straight. From what I hear, the flat iron will help out tremendously. Just watch out for forehead burns (ouch!)

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Nice haircut! It accents your wonderful face so very well! I like the fringy forelocks and the length of cut in the front accents your smile.

  10. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I dig the do! You look hot!