Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Life surprises you, doesn't it?

OK, this is not so much life as the internet but still, microcosm, right? The people at the locally famous Brooklyn web site Brownstoner somehow found my Flickr page and used one of my photos to spruce up a post. I thought I'd have to join the Brownstoner Flickr group to get one of my pics on their page but Hurray! for the Creative Commons license, right?

So that was a nice surprise. I like the nice ones.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Did they tell you they were using your pic, or did you just discover that they did?

  2. Pony Express brought it to my attention. Though I generally skim Brownstoner I had missed it. They didn't ask but that's not a requirement of the Creative Commons license (see? you could have just ganked them all from my Flickr for your book and not had to bother writing me e-mails :)) though it's a nice thing to do. Since I often test the limits of the Creative Commons usage I don't feel bad about this one. They credit me and its reflected in the number of views that particular shot has had in my photostream.

  3. Very cool. Congratulations!