Friday, May 30, 2008

Skin Suit Update

Have I told you that this whole thing would have been more efficient if they'd just skinned me Silence of the Lambs style and started over? No? Well, I should have because I've been telling everyone else.

When last we spoke I'd had a punch biopsy of the lip, 3 suspicious moles shaved off the back (3 different ones than the first round) and a wart frozen off the right nipple.


Sorry, has to be said every time we speak of liquid nitro and my nipple in the same breath.

Let's go in reverse order.

Wart dropped right off yesterday. Ewe. But finally!

Just like the first three moles these three are dysplastic and have been entirely removed by the shaving. I haven't looked up the meaning but I'm pretty sure that means that they're suspicious but not dangerous and are now out of the way so we don't have to think about them anymore.

The lip thing is hyperplastic blatty blatty whooochee something or other. Yeah, OK, it was perhaps not my best move to take the Dermatology Idol Results Show call from a corner of the Post Office but I did. Experience tells us that I wouldn't have been any better about remembering or writing this stuff down even if I were sitting at a desk with a pen and paper. The upshot is that it's something which has the potential to develop into a squamous cell which is bad (but still not melanoma so not BAD) and would have to be taken off. We watch and we treat with the A1dera again. I go back in 6 weeks and in the mean time I wait until the biopsy spot is properly healed over then treat with the cream twice a week.

Apparently it's not over until the fat lady sings and we've yet to freaking cast her!

Oh and for the record I don't look this stuff up because it's my understanding that internet searches for medical symptoms are how hypochondriacs with bleeding ulcers are made and I've got plenty of ulcer fodder as it is. I'll google squamous cell soon. But not today. At least not until after I've had a nap.


  1. Eeek and aarrrugh!

    Do you want ME to do some research for you? I'm happy to add a layer of distance for you. Besides, dealing with Mom's cancer has put me in touch with a lot of really great doctors who are all happy to answer questions; they can take the hysterical out of the internet searches...

  2. Christ honey, its sounds as if you have been attacked by a hole puncher.
    I want this to be over and okay.
    I am thinking about you and lending thoughts towards over and done and fine and fabulous!
    Eat my lions share of ice cream too and don't feel a bit guilty!
    Ice cream makes things turn out right. They've been handing it out in hospitals for centuries for just that reason.

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Glad your wart is gone, I knew it would just fall off.. As for the rest of the stuff, although my spots have all come back normal ( so far..) I feel your pain. You know I feel your freeking pain!

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    If this skinny lady from Canada can sing, I mean BELT IT OUT, AFTER handing out the best chocolate in the freaking universe, might that do to stop this stuff? Sending good energy. With sprinkles.

  5. You are right not to go internetting around for research on stuff like this. You will give yourself an undeserved heart attack.

    Thinking good thoughts. The fat lady will sing. She's in rehearsals now.