Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wish We Weren't Here

The Fluid Pudding Family had to say fare thee well to a good friend yesterday. Their cat, Luna, died under the strain of multiple complications.

As is the custom here at 117 Hudson, on hearing of a passing like this we dispense extra treats in honor of the dead. The pooch has had one of the gourmet pig's ears and, since dietary treats are out for them, the kittens were given a session with their new catnip bag. Please join us in toasting dear Luna. Remember that breathing, sitting, standing, sleeping, scratching, turning, snoring, walking, panting, the licking of private parts and the like are all treat-worthy accomplishments on a day like today.

Rest in peace, Luna, you are sorely missed.


  1. Goldie is going on 13, and as a big dog, I know she is on borrowed time (despite her puppy-like energy). I try to make every day count with her.

  2. rest in peace dear love. as is custom here at 1819 andover court...extra treats are on the buffet.

  3. Farewell dear Luna.
    I'll buy the Lads another round tonight.