Tuesday, June 17, 2008

10 Things I Did This Weekend

1. Did my first portrait photography session from behind the camera. (As of today that's only a portion of the session. I'm still working on tweaking the rest of the almost 300 shots. That set will be updated frequently in the next few days.)

2. Took a ton of photos of a family party. (Those will come after I'm done uploading the portrait session.)

3. Had a great progressive dinner party all along US Route 1 with Auntie Blanche, MamaKizz and Queen Bee.

4. Listened to my Auntie Blanche play the piano. At 97 she's better at that than most of will ever be.

5. Got lost in Maine...twice. Oopsie daisy.

6. Bought new shoes, forks, and a whole lot of gas. OK, not that much gas really, no one can afford very much gas of late.

7. Formed a pretty poor opinion of Megabus.

8. While lying on the couch trying not to yak after 2 days of high dairy, high fat content delicious food composed a stern letter in my head to Weight Watchers about how their program had compromised my iron stomach.

9. Shared Father's Day lunch with the Chili clan.

10. Found a cool new bar in an unlikely place.

And so much more.


  1. Seriously; if you dug the portrait gig, I've got some work for you....

    It was truly lovely spending time with you. I don't MIND driving you to Boston because it means I get you all to myself for at least an hour!

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Can't wait to hear more. Also for going up there, there is a new bus line that I'm interested in trying. It has wireless the entire route and supposedly larger space between the seats. It's called BoltBus..

  3. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Megabus, of course, being the weakest and least effective of the evil Decepticons.

  4. How cool is it that you have a 97-year-old Aunt Blanche? I hope I am still playing the piano at that age. First, I have to learn how at this age.

  5. Chili, I'm in! We should figure out timing. What's your August like?

    Steph, Bolt is what I took to DC in April and I really liked them. I think I'll try to go with them next time, depending on the schedule. The Chinatown versions are sprucing up a lot, too, though and they go every hour.

    Baldsug, well it was evil, I'll give you that.

    Mrs. G, it's so cool and so is she. I hope the system figures that out soon and helps her out.

  6. The portraits are wonderful. Watch out,now, miss camera, because everyone is going to start asking you. Little league teams will stop you on the street for team photos. Ok, that was an exaggeration.