Friday, June 06, 2008

FFF-Hot As A Biscuit

OK, it's not hot yet but it's getting there. Starting tomorrow we're getting 4 days in the 90s and I'm almost giddy with excitement. I'm trying not to think about how much AC costs since I'm going to have to put some on to save the dog from expiration but boy howdy I love the heat and I'm so sick of carrying a jacket around and being cold on the way to work and all the other fickle weather related stuff I thought I was escaping when I moved out of New England. (Dear New England, It happens everywhere you dirty, dirty liar. Chilled Regards, Kizz) Not going to be a problem this weekend.



  1. Yeah, but you know what? You're not THAT far out of New England. I'm betting, if we looked a little farther south, we'd see a different story.

    I'm with you, though; bring on the warm!

    p.s. pretty lilacs!

  2. We have had about a week of the 90s. It started up when I still had a fever. I don't like.

    Tomorrow it is supposed to be 94 when we have our last local league baseball game.

    Love those flowers - purple seems to be the theme today!

  3. A nice warm pleasant day in NYC! Can't think how life could get much better than that?
    I imagine Sailors walking around in Port and fire hydrants open and spilling into the street.
    You heat, water and is the makings of something!