Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Michael Flatley

I love my new flat iron. Well, I did love it until today I couldn't remember if I'd turned it off or unplugged it and started to panic. In the end, since all we worker bees are working today, I had to call the dogwalker and ask her to go check to see if I was burning my animals to a crisp. She obliged but seemed a bit confused/exasperated by the request. I don't blame her, I'm not too pleased with myself either. But look how great it works on my hair! Just like I came straight (heh) from the hair dresser!

In other news, I dreamt this morning that I was a resident of Casa Chawazek. Not sure where that came from but we were having fuse issues with the air conditioner and the cat had caught a garter snake and kept threatening to bring it into my bed.

Also, people are stupid, but you knew that.

And, in conclusion, I am a person so by the transitive property...yeah. What's worse than forgetting your camera? Remembering your camera and forgetting the memory card. Yes, yes I did that. I am genius personified.

But damn, doesn't my hair look straight?


  1. Straight and shiny! Va va voom! I love my flat iron,but I can never get it as flat as my hairdresser.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Get a camera strap with those little pockets on it for extra battery and memory card(s).

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Holy crap! When did you go to the moon? And how did you get your hair to stay down? It looks great!

  4. Your hair looks awesome... and you used the transitive property... if you were a boy, I'd be so turned on...