Thursday, June 05, 2008

There But For, $5, Go Now!

I can't somehow type fast enough to tell you about this even though the whole project has been going on so long and I haven't been able to slow down enough to type out all my feelings about it but this part has to happen today, today is a new day and a day we can easily make a difference.

Jen Lemen does good things. She just came back from a trip to Rwanda doing many good things. Today she posted a story about a woman who has dreams and abilities and luck but who is being ground down to a nub by all the little things that stand in her way. I get that. I've been reading all of your stuff lately, each and every one of you get that (some of you are taking decisive action on it, too). Today and today only Jen is taking donations of only $5 (no more, no less) to help this wonderful woman, Goreth, to give her hope, to help her dig out of her hole, to maximize her own generosity and potential. I feel like this is such an opportunity for me to pay forward as well as an opportunity for Goreth and for Jen.

Gratefully, I hit the button and donated before I posted here. I hope you will be inclined to find $5 and a moment too.

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