Friday, June 20, 2008

Well Since You Asked

O'Mama posted a curious comment just as I was uploading these. I am happy to oblige.

I fashioned crowns for the girls. Perhaps they will want ribbon spirals to hang from them but we'll deal with that tomorrow.
I tested out the temp tattoos. There are 36 various "young girl" tattoos of which this is one. The "big girl" tattoos I got for me and Carmencita are one each so I didn't test. (Dear Temporary Tattoo Conglomerate, Better tattoos for young girls, please. Love, Kizz)
I crafted costume pieces. This is perhaps why I should never buy one of those fancy Oprah-recommended Wacoal bras. I think I'm going to have to transport this in its own ziploc bag. I may toss a little extra glitter in the bag for good measure, sort of like Shake 'N' Bake for your costumery.
Here's just a hint of what's to come. I wasn't teasing on purpose I was just struggling with aiming, clicking and not having the camera or my arms hiding significant parts of the costume.
There you go! Although my arm is hiding the mid-line dangly bits I worked on so painstakingly. Couldn't get a better focus but this is just pre-show. I'll get other human beings to take photos tomorrow. This will do for now. I'm going for a sort of skirt of the sea and I'm kind of swimming out of it. I chose the hat for its swim cap qualities and then'cause it's a seven year old's birthday party and glitter is cool.
Glamor is all well and good but I'm not hiking the boardwalk while pulling a little wagon full of little mermaids in anything but my most comfortable shoes. They're blue, silver and sparkly so I say they perfectly complete the outfit.
My entire house and my entire body looks like this. On some level I don't mind. On the level that's going to be cleaning up glittery cat puke I'm...let's call it frustrated. Glitter is not a corallable medium.
There's gonna be "whole lot of hoot, leeetle bit of nanny!"

I can't wait.


  1. What fun! I went as a mermaid to halloween, once. Due to the constricted nature of my silver lame(lam-ay) tail, my friend had to carry me across the stage for the costume contest. I didn't win. My other friend did. She was a brick.

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Dare I ask what a mermaid parade is?? It looks kinda sexy but since you mentioned 5 year olds I'm suspecting that I misinterpreted somewhere along the way!

  3. That looks like it is going to be great fun. You look fabulous!

  4. Oh my god, you look like a glittery goddess-I wish I was going with you and your tiny harem.

  5. I made two years' worth of mermaid Halloween costumes - one year (the second, I believe) they really kicked ass. I'll see if I can dig up a picture or two; I'll have to scan them; this happened before we brought digital photography into our lives.

    Have a fantastical time!

    May I please, please, PLEASE have a couple of dragonfly tattoos? PLEASE?!

  6. Again with the you look fabulous!
    So freaking jealous!
    I love a mermaid parade.
    I mean what better thing in the whole wide world!
    Glad it was so fun!

  7. All the details are just too much! Love it!

  8. But Seester was she a

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Holy fantastic outfit!! I hope you all had a blast. Going off to read about it now...