Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can't. Formulate. Themed. Post.

I switched to frozen brussels sprouts to save some time and work but they came out kind of soggy. Should I have drained them? I thawed them, cut them in half and cooked them up in the frying pan with butter flavored pam and some herbs. Would they have been crispier if I'd baked them or something?

Is crushed ice not the best thing ever to happen to any kind of drink?

Ladies in Lavender is quite a nice little movie.

Live Free or Die Hard is quite a fun movie but I was surprised that some bits of it were just the slightest bit offensive. And I'm not easily offended. There were some epithets that just seemed, I don't know, gratuitous? Excessive? Icky?

Justin Long was, fortunately, not party to any of the partially offensive bits.

My Netflix queue is under 230!

Gar left for Marin County today. His stay was too short.

The pooch has injured her right front paw, I think at the ankle, and it's not getting better. Today whenever she stands (looking piteously at me for something or other) she holds it up off the ground and shakes it every so often. I think it's just a sprain that she keeps re-aggravating but I hate that she's hurt. We should have had a shorter walk this morning but I thought walking carefully on the straightaway might me good for it. I think I was wrong. And yet, she just levered herself up onto the couch without assistance so I don't think she's done for.

I resent having to cook for myself. It takes too long (I know, you've hear this tune before) and the clean up takes too long and I hate cleaning up and why can't food just get trucked in to me but if I eat the trucked in kind I just get fat and I just spent a long time getting unfat so I cook. Resentfully.

I remain so grateful and amazed and pleased at the number of you who put me on your calendars and reminded me to cancel my WW subscription. Thank you again! Also, how do you remind yourself of stuff like that? You're amazing!

I'm hot. It's not all that hot out but my apartment is, as usual, the temperature of the surface of the sun. I was going to buy another fan but the guy at the dollar store started condescendingly yet conversationally berating me for not having bred Emily before I had her "spaded" and I just had to get the hell out of the way.

This week I got in touch with an old friend (did I tell you this already?) who I googled and accidentally found an e-mail address for. It has been such a joy to hear from him. I hear his voice even though it's coming at me through words typed into cyberspace. I knew I missed him but man, I miss him!

This book meme has been floating around certain communities here on the internet and a number of times people have mentioned how they read books and don't even crease the spines. I love books, I have always loved them but, as with most things I own, I am tough on them. I don't usually write in them (plays or stories I am adapting are exceptions) but I occasionally dog ear and the spines do get broken, I don't always have a bookmark handy, I read in bed or on the train and drag books around with everything else in my backpack. Right now I am reading a borrowed book, part of a set, in paperback. The spine, when I received it, was not creased so I am working so hard not to crease it and I have to ask, "How do you people do it?" I'm quite near the end and I can barely read the words near the center. I have to tilt the book and/or my head at all sorts of angles to see what's going on at a very adventurous point in the narrative. It's making me really annoyed but I don't want to be disrespectful to someone else's property. Tips? Pointers? Anyone? Help, please?


  1. I usually steam my brussel sprouts, but that's certainly not going to crisp them up for you... Sorry...

  2. I don't eat brussels sprouts, so I'm not help there.

    I remember shit one of two ways; I either put it on the calendar I have over my computer, or (more commonly) I put it in my phone. The calendar feature lets me set a reminder, so the phone will beep (or buzz, or sound like an air raid siren - whatever I choose) to remind me of an event. I love it - if I didn't have this (or something very like it) nothing in my world would get done on time...

    What's with the asshole and breeding Emily? He doesn't know you very well, does he?

  3. It all depends on the paperback.
    Some are made better and they do not crease.
    Creases are fine.
    Like wrinkles on people they indicate age and wisdom.
    That someone has enjoyed what is between its pages.
    All accordian books should be replaced. Books and water do not mix.
    Thats all I have to say about that.
    Your friend, the ex book dealer.

  4. As you no doubt know, roasted brussels sprouts sprinkled with a little Parm are the best. Every vegetable that's frozen comes out soggy. That's the price you pay for convenience!

  5. I'm gonna try roasting 'em next time. Maybe blotting with a paper towel before I do, too. Worst I can be is wrong, right?

    Gert, I'm going to feel a lot less bad about the spine creases now. If a book seller says it's OK then it's OK by me.