Friday, July 25, 2008

Food I Am Craving

Curry roasted broccoli (anyone have a recipe?)

Pudding cake like my mom used to make (I think I lost the damn recipe)

Corn on the cob (is it properly in season down here, yet?)


Stuffed Shells a la ChemE

This cool lentil stew stuff that one of our Dinner Club ladies served

Chicken Pot Pie from this place in Chelsea Market

Lobster steamed on the beach


Baked Beans (which I actually had the other night)

Hot fudge

Bread & Butter pickles

OK, you go, what are you craving?


  1. is this the diet talking? Do you have one day a week where you can eat anything?

    it sounds tough. I'm not sure I could do it.

    I love all food, which is exactly my problem. A dense, chilled chocolate cake. Ethiopean food. Bibimbab. Mandoo soup with rice dumplings. Linguine with white clam sauce and plenty of parmesan. Pad Thai. Jerk chicken. Baby back ribs.

    ah, it's only 830 in the morning!

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    It's not so much WHAT I'm craving, I just wish I could chew. I was hoping to be able to eat things that required chewing by now, but alas; I'm up for at least another day of Cream o Wheat and overdone macaroni, I think...

  3. I'm craving what's behind that leg 'o meat in the picture below.

  4. My dr. told me no corn on the's a jaw thing.

  5. A boy! but I might have to substitute my baked Ruffles and Dean's French Onion Dip. Although there is no substitute.
    what is happening to me?
    I've turned into a fool.

  6. Corn on the cob. Guacamole. I wouldn't say no to chocolate cake if you had some.....

  7. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I am craving chicken curry with rice, Wouldn't say no to the chilled chocolate cake either, and the corn on the cob sounds fab. Drool - having a Pavlov moment, here...

  8. Anonymous5:52 PM

    The corn here is yummy! And the lobster will be steamed in my backyard on the 16th. No beach but there is a pool! Come on up!

  9. Homemade banana pudding

  10. chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, green beans and biscuits.

    yes indeed.

  11. Not really Kitty. It's mostly stuff I'd really like to have but can't find, don't know how to make yet, or seem like to much trouble to get hold of. I usually play pretty fast and loose on weekend. Last night dinner was a deviled egg and some ice cream, for instance.

    Z, right on sister. I thought you might be.

    Chrome, AUGH! That's awful!

    Oh gert, I'd like one of those too.

    Mmm, Snob, guac would be yummy too.

  12. Anonymous11:16 AM

    i hope you haven't lost the recipe for chocolate pudding cake because I don't have it either and King Arthur while wonderful at most items the chocolate pudding cake was a dissapointment.

    if you want stuffed shells you only have to come upstate (and we'll freeze some for you to take home). there are still 3.5 months before the snow starts.