Friday, July 18, 2008

Gar's Gone

Did I mention that Gar was back? He only stayed about 2 and a half weeks after his movie wrapped in NC. It wasn't long enough.
I've gone over time and again how I'm slow to warm to people. I've known Gar for 20 years so we're warm already. However, I will say that it was harder to see him go this time than it was last fall. It had been years before I saw him last fall. Then he came and we had fun and we got back our footing and he had to go. This time it was better, faster, funnier. As a result, harder to see the back of him.
These are from the dinner we had at Acme the night before he left. It was delicious, comforting, stick to your ribs kind of food and it made me feel a little better about his impending departure.

Notice how Gar, skilled actor that he is, totally found his light so that the pictures of him are the only ones that came out properly.


  1. I like his hair.

  2. It's been like that for almost 20 years. Crazy, huh?

  3. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Has it really been 20 years since I've seen him? DAMN! We need us a for real reunion one day.

  4. Baldsug, yeah, sorry to say but it's been more than that. No, wait, were you at John & Liz's wedding? He was there. We do need a reunion but with J&L in Abu Dabi and Eric Eric in Taiwan and Leon in OH it's gonna be tough to schedule.