Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm Not Sure I'm That Good a Person

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty


  1. It seems I'm Veronica Sawyers from Heathers:

    "You are tired of conformist bullshit. You're a free spirit who got sucked into the world of Diet-Coke heads. Wake up and get out. Oh, killing your "friends' is not the answer."

  2. Heh. You just might be.

  3. Apparently I'm a geek, not wanting to be ...who looks exactly like Patrick Dempsey.

  4. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Hee, hee ... I'm Ferris Bueller.

    "Well-liked, mischevious and rash. You'd get away with murder if you decided to commit it. You are a fast-talking charmer who knows exactly how to get your way."

    I'm glad I would get away with murder because I have quite a list of possible victims. ;-)

  5. Anonymous7:04 AM

    OK, apparently I'm Joel, Tom Cruise's character from "Risky Business."

    Hey - if it gets me somebody as hot as Rebecca DeMornay, I'm down with it! :)

  6. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Apparently, I'm Christian Slater in "Pump Up the Volume". I hate that fucking guy.