Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things Starting With Fem

For some reason I added Feministing* to my reader this week. I've seen the name tossed around here and there for years and never taken the time to investigate. I can't even tell you what prompted me to go now but it was probably a Blogher recap.

I am not a particularly "good" feminist, whatever that means. I have conflicting feelings about pretty much everything. On the other hand someone who questions and explores can't be a bad member of any group, right? Well except the armed services and certain boarding schools of the 19th century. For now I'm mostly reading the site and thinking, "Uh....I don't know." Hopefully the whole questioning and exploring thing will kick into higher gear soon.

I'm off to an extremely light start, though, with this piece about Kiera Knightley taking a stand on airbrushing. On the one hand I think it's great to have someone who is prominently in the public eye insist on being seen as she is, without being crammed into someone else's mold. On the other hand she's a woman with relatively few flaws as far as the current social ideal goes so how noticeable will the changes be? Only time will tell I guess.

Don't take my picks as representative of what Feministing has to offer. You should head over and check it out yourself.

*Every time I see the name I read "Fisting" and feel all salacious.


  1. Fisting. You are too funny.

    I will definitely check out the site.

    I think Keira Knightley's stand is a good one. Especially because it isn't that she's just protesting air brushing. She is protesting that they wanted to paint in bigger breasts on her - as in, you're not sexy enough or a woman without huge boobs. Granted she has few flaws, but as more women in Hollywood do this it will impact girls. I really think it will.

  2. I've been reading Feministing for over a year now and am really glad I do.

  3. I admire Knightley's gumption. I just wonder how it will work out over time.

    I know I'm terribly late to the party but at least I'm here now, right?