Saturday, July 19, 2008


I wanted to go to Blogher. I've actually wanted to go to Blogher for 2 or 3 years now. I've even gone so far as to nudgingly suggest to people here and there that we should go. The stars haven't aligned, though.

I especially wanted to go this year. It's in San Francisco and that's where Gar is so I'd already have a sort of home base feeling. I sort of know people from the blogosphere now so I'd feel more comfortable going up to someone and saying something like, "Hi, I'm Kizz, I comment on your blog once in a while." The kicker, though, the moment when I felt acutely sorry that I hadn't taken the leap was when SueBob announced the panel she'd be working with. That was then amplified when M. Kennedy's idea of the Community Keynote address was adopted and so many people I love to read were chosen to participate.

I remember reading about the first Blogher and how the mommy bloggers felt marginalized and they took the seminars by storm and refused to be put in a corner. Now it seems they are the majority, at least vocally, whether they love that term or hate it. A panel about what we few, we band of bloggers, who don't have kids, and don't intend to, is like chocolate ice cream with hot fudge sauce to me.

There will be a podcast and I plan to listen to it as soon as it's available. My first podcast ever, by the way. It won't be quite the same, though.

Perhaps I'll add that to the list of things I want to do in the year that I turn 40. I should start thinking about what to bring for swag now. Want to come with me?

If you're going (or have gone and are reading this afterwards) I hope you have a glorious time. Please raise a glass for me then get on the internet and tell me all about it.


  1. well crapflavor. I don't recall ever having a conversation about this. I'm ALL in. Have we missed it this year. Is it ANY WAY FEASABLE????? I have people in SF. family. and maybe a little bit more on my credit card???? details please. I'm off to the gym. and will be thinking of ways...
    if not then we are SO GOING nextyear.
    watch it be in OKC or some such. bwa ha ha

  2. It's happening right this very moment actually and ti's full to the brim with folks. So this year is out. I'll keep you posted when we find out where it's going to be next year. It'll be either OKC or NYC, right? :)