Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 Weekend Things

How about 10 things I did this weekend? Simple enough, right?

1. Ate super chocolaty, surprisingly delicious birthday cake from Sam's Club. Yay for birthdays.

2. Went to see a movie at one of my favorite theaters in the nation. They have made some unfavorite changes but it's still fun to go and it was even more fun to regale Blondie Girl with a lecture of the Ioka Through The Years.

3. Went for girls night out sushi dinner and girly drinks. Luscious!

4. Took a quatrillion pictures of the Chili family. (Hoping to start processing those tonight, promise.)

5. Saved Auntie from cancerous lip rot.

6. Sang for Auntie Blanche, well sang along as mom played and played and played for Auntie Blanche. It worked, too. She perked up.

7. While running an errand I was sent down a local road that I have never ridden down before. Never. Wow. Kind of cool.

8. I er, "liberated" a couple of one of a kind photos from Auntie Blanche's collection because I know that no one who cleans that room....after will know that they're one of a kind or important in any way. OK and also one that's not one of a kind but one that I really wanted. I can scan all of them and slip them back in the collection if anyone is upset by it.

9. Finally bought 3 new pairs of pants that actually fit me.

10. Finally purchased and watched with glee (and much better sound) Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. It's somehow even better the second time around. Joss Whedon is my pilot.


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Sounds like a good mixed weekend. What road did you go on? That was a favorite little thing for me to do during the extended time in that area - trying to 'get lost' and discover new roads and new outlooks on the area. I love finding new routes to a tired routine or in an area where I feel I can pretty much close my eyes and get to anywhere using a variety of roads. That said I know almost none of the roads names so if you want to describe it by landmarks or something, that's cool. ha.

  2. Going to Portsmouth from Exeter on Rte 33 you take the left at the light RIGHT after the 95N exit. Take the right at the fork immediately and go all the way down that road that passes by the Portsmouth hospital. I'd never passed that hospital before.

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Oh cool, I totally know where you went. It's fun doing those drives. Definitely been on that road years ago unplanned. Hope you're well. There's some pretty backroads between Exeter and Kensington fyi :)

  4. I can't wait for some of those pictures - I bet you got some good ones in those quadrillion you took...

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM

    My lips are profoundly grateful! And there are some really nice roads in Kensington!

  6. Oh, I so want to see Dr. Horrible. Maybe I'll make time this weekend.