Friday, August 08, 2008

Floral Friday Flashback

You guys I just wish that I had more upbeat things to say on Fridays. I took this shot last year in the garden that Auntie Blanche tended at her last home. Today we're on the edge of our seats about her. We wait and we see. Wait. And see.

To the best of my knowledge today I'll go to class then to see Will Smith throw his weight around before heading back to the homefront to feed my cats and the ones Pony Express rents space from. Later I think I'll watch the Olympics. You never know, though, anything can happen, right?

Edited to Add: I wrote this last night and set it up to post today at 1. Since then...well, I've rented a car and I'm packing right now and we're headed to NH. I have some other things that were alread set up in the queue to post so it might seem like I'm here but it's just an internet illusion.

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  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I'm sorry - my thoughts are with you.