Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes A Plan Does Not Come Together

I had a ticket to get on a bus at 6:30 this morning. Just remember that for background.

I have been waiting for my period to start for days. (Hello! Welcome to my bodily functions. Next up, how the period hormones affect [effect? GAH!] my digestion) No reason it wouldn't, no worries at all, just feeling like it should start (read: crappy) and it didn't. Last night I went out to see Red Molly play (whole other post) then had dinner with Pony Express then went home and did all the last minute things I needed to do since I wasn't going to get up any earlier than I absolutely had to. Last thing I had to do before I went to bed about midnight was pee.

So, yeah, hurray, I'd started bleeding. Awesome.

Was up at 3:10am and took some more a1eve. Up at 4:30. Alarm went off at 4:55. Through judicious application of pretending this wasn't happening and a disposable heating pad and a1eve and water and milk I was in a car service at 5:45 battling not to regurgitate the a1eve, water and milk. Bought an emergency bagel just before the bus pulled up.

I am of two minds about the girl who got on the wrong bus. On the one hand it's actually really nice to know that the bus driver is a kind soul who, upon hearing that she was accidentally traveling in exactly the wrong direction, would re-route the bus to New Rochelle to drop her off at the Metro North Station. On the other hand, given how delicate my stomach was the extra city street driving she forced us to do was like a punishment from the gods. Especially since at the time we got off the highway I was trying to put myself back together after using the bathroom. Fortunately those bathrooms are small so when you get bounced around like a pinball you don't have far to go. We were only 10 minutes late getting into South Station, too, and I had internet on the bus, which was cool and I did eventually start to feel some better.

It turns out that it takes 3 T trains to get from South Station to Wonderland. You only have to go one stop on two of them so your travel time isn't very long, it's the calculating whether you're supposed to be going inbound or outbound that will fuck you up your tender orifices without canola oil. This is my problem with navigating Boston both on the streets and on the T, the place started out as cow paths, there was no plan so it goes round and round like a maze and there's no direct route to anywhere. Even in London where the city is shaped similarly to Boston they have the Circle Line that just takes you around and around and around the city in a loop. You can't get on in the wrong direction because both directions will eventually get you to the connection you want. Short answer is, I started out heading the wrong way on the Red Line but I figured it out before I actually got on a train and I made the rest of the trip successfully until I arrived in Wonderland. There I wondered (heh) why my father wasn't in the parking lot and stood around like a drooling eejit for 5 minutes until I realized that I've actually been to Wonderland before and there are two parking lots! Surprise! There he was, in the parking lot on the side next to the road that goes to his house. A1eve + tired does not equal logic.

At that point other people were in charge of navigation so it all went a whole lot smoother. We drove up to celebrate Auntie Blanche's 98th birthday. She looks better now but is clearly not better. She was drinking enough water but only had the tiniest bite of cake. When asked if she'd like some more she said, "Maybe tomorrow." She is being made comfortable through judicious use of common opiates so she was tired and had moments of not being clear about what was going on but she did recognize most of us and participate a little in some conversation. She even asked after some people who weren't there. The rest of us had some good conversations and delicious chocolate cake. It wasn't the party we thought we were going to have when we started thinking about it a month or two ago but it was a much better party than we thought we'd be getting. I was able to make her smile a couple of times which made me feel good.

Blondie Girl and I hit the bookstore this evening. I had to get one thing. $50 bought two presents I needed to get, a book for Blondie and a splurge for me. She's a huge fan of the Twilight series and I think she's going to lend me the 4th book so we talked a lot about that. Then we hit the beautiful movie theater of my dreams. They've renovated it so it's not as fabulous as it once was but I still like to go there and I had fun sharing it with her. We saw Tropic Thunder. I'm just not in line with Ben Stiller's humor. I try but I usually don't find him funny. There were parts of this that I did get a hearty giggle out of and we had a great night. Best part? She drove. It's the first time I've ever been the responsible adult in a car with a learning driver and she did a marvelous job. I didn't feel even the tiniest bit nervous. I'm so beat right now and it was lovely to walk out of that theater and think, "I don't have to drive. I have people for that."

So, here I am. I feel like I've been up for a thousand years, even though I haven't. Some of you, I know, get up at 5 every day. I salute you. It just puts me out of my head and I can't seem to get back in.

On the other hand, that might be all the aleve.


  1. Poor girl. I hope that you wake up rested and restored.

    Ben Stiller? Ugh. How many dick and "retard" jokes can one person take? I avoid him-though I might be willing to ignore him for RDJ.


  2. Oooof. I'm sorry. I hope that you get to sleep in this morning.

  3. whoa. what a crazy trip?
    good thing you did all right on the bus and there were no...accidents.

    Things like that happen. I was on a subway and it happened to a woman and it was kind of horribly embarrassing. The entire train of people moved to one end rather quickly.

    98 is pretty amazing. Good for your aunt!

  4. WTMI, darlin'.

  5. MAB, I thought you were strong enough for all that. Didn't New England breed you better than that?

    Kitty, there's only been one hungover prop plane ride on which I've wished myself dead more. Neither time, though, was there an "accident". Whew!

    Chili, I slept better but not great but there was just too much good stuff to do. When I got back to Brooklyn I closed my eyes for a few minutes and woke up 2 hours later.

    Given who Ben Stiller's parents are you'd think his comedy would be both funnier and more nuanced. Not so, however.