Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 Itty Bitty Things

There are big things going on in life, in my life (lots of them have to do with work, just can't safely go into it here) and in the world (those things have a lot to do with my job, too, which is truly unfortunate), which is making the whole writing thing truly a paralyzing venture. Lists are good for paralysis. Thank goodness for 10 Things Tuesday. I'm going to go with 10 tiny annoyances in the hopes that the tiny things will seem absurd and make me/us feel all lucky in the face of the looming scariness going on in the world. Think it'll work? I'm skeptical but optimistic.

1. There were no Frosted Flakes at work yesterday and there probably aren't going to be any for another month or so. I love Frosted Flakes! I also love free breakfast! Free is good when the economy is tanking!

2. Someone left my lunch out on the counter yesterday. There was plenty of room in the fridge and I do not eat anything that could possibly be mistaken for someone else's lunch (beets, cucumbers & tuna salad in a cracked plastic container) so I don't know why the hell someone would do that. I ate it anyway. I didn't die. Yet.

3. Stupid CBS's stupid football schedule cut off the endof my DVR'd episode of The Unit and I can't find the full ep online.

4. Lee Tergesen hasn't come to my house and offered to lick me all over. (Note: I'd take him up on the offer. He might not even be able to complete the sentence.)

5. I keep forgetting to throw away my Crocs so my cat keeps eating parts of them and horking them up all over the floor.

6. I annoyed the crap out of my Supper Club folks finding the exact perfect date we could all meet and 48 hours later someone got news that they couldn't come.

7. My hair came out all wonky yesterday even though I spent a bunch of time on it. I ended up wearing a hat all day, even in the office, and feeling all declasse about it.

8. Craig Ferguson has still not called to hire me to write political jokes.

9. It's unwise to drink champagne all day long when you're at work. (Note: I have not done this. I did it all day on a Sunday. Champagne is nature's decongestant and it finally cured my sinus headache.)

10. Important places in Queens are way too far away from my house.

OK, now you try.


  1. I love your list. Especially the Croc item.

    Sometimes real baloney hits the spot when a bunch of baloney is flying around.

  2. Craig should totally hire you. And we'll still have a good time at dinner next week. It's so much fun to work around 8 different schedules!

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    You know, I can actually imagine your cat horking up croc, You throw them out yet?

    Annoyances? How about when you know you'll have to be in skads of photos and you get a zit? At 41!

  4. Kath, from your lips to God's ears. All I've been able to think about all week has been working for Craig. Except for the brief moments when I think about kissing him.

    O'Mama, one can recycle one's crocs. I'm surprised you didn't know that. JRH tipped me off. Mine are now safely wrapped in a plastic bag awaiting drop off at the recycling point.