Monday, September 01, 2008

Feed Me Back, Please

Does anyone who attended my performance in July have anything to say about it? I honestly don't remember much about it, at least not anything that can be used descriptively. If you were going to write a review what would you say? Favorite part? Least favorite? What did you find funny? Anything you found clunky? Bits you didn't understand? I can use anything you can give me and everything is gratefully received.


  1. I LOVED it.

    Now, being a writer myself, I know how not helpful "it's really GOOD!" is, so I'll do my best to be constructive.

    I think that you made a masterful decision in having Mark play all three parts, and he does it with a seemingly effortless joy that really rubbed off on me in the audience (I loved it when he started picking his teeth!). I can't think of anything about what he did that I would change and, given that he told me backstage that he improvs most of it, such suggestions wouldn't be helpful anyway. The fact that it's a different show every time because of that improv is one of the things that makes this piece so rich.

    I can tell you for sure that one of the things I loved about YOUR performance were your facial expressions. You pull off shocked and horrified EXTREMELY well, and Marks antics wouldn't have been NEARLY as funny without you to react to them.

    My only suggestion to you would be to give your character a little more back story. I wanted to know more about her and to care about her enough to feel more for her than just surface embarrassment. I'm not sure we need to know the story about her strange name (and the parents who gave it to her), but it'd be nice to know a little more about what pushed her into speed dating and what she hoped to get out of it (and, if you can work it in in a way that's not too clunky and obvious, how she plans to reconcile those expectations to the reality).


  2. I was drunk when I saw it. I heard it was good though.

  3. Anonymous6:44 PM

    What Chili said. I loved it. Next time ask me this question sooner. I don't typically store stuff like this for long.

  4. Chili, thank you! That's all stuff I need to know. More info on her is a good thing, I'll have to look at that.

    MAB, I'm sticking my tongue out at you, can you see it?

    Auntie, I will definitely get on the stick next time. Meanwhile, if you think of anything feel free to speak up, please!