Saturday, September 06, 2008

Infinitely Hopeful

I hear that when you feel shitty that doing something for someone else can help. So I spent some time today starting to process the photos from the pet adoption web site shoot I did last weekend. I'm maybe a quarter through and I'll keep uploading them to Flickr as I process them so tune back in frequently over the coming days.

This here is Waylon. Waylon is a hoot. He's curious and smart and really gentle about it. He was a trip to watch wandering around the exam room patting and poking every little thing, even the art!

All the cats from this shoot are up for adoption on Infinite Hope's Petfinder site while their dedicated site is under construction. If you don't live in the area Petfinder is a wonderful national resource for adoptable pets of many species. With a lot of companion animals being displaced after recent natural disasters now is as good or better a time as any to get yourself a new friend.

Spay and neuter your pets y'all, we can't take care of all the ones we have here and now. Give them some hope, please.


  1. He's beautiful.
    Go you for showcasing him and his friends.

    Petfinder is a great resource for agencies/shelters/organizations with animals who need homes. However, please be careful when adopting direct from their owners on Petfinder; their animals may be misrepresented.

  2. That's one handsome cat.

  3. Ooooh! He's HANDSOME! What a great shot!

    Punkin's making noise about getting a kitten (we already have four cats, for those of you who may not know). Her contention is that, since she didn't get to see our cats as kittens (they were born six years before she came along), she should be able to have a kitten. The logic of an 11 year old.

    We're going to love our cats while we have them - they're gettin' on in the world - and invite new ones in when the old ones have left to make room for them.

  4. Chili, love that last paragraph. That's exactly how I feel about my pack.

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    That is a damn beutiful cat. Great photo.

  6. Wow, what a stunning pic. Wish I could take this boy home right now. Great that you're doing this.